Why I purchase my travel insurance from MyCover

I have worked hard and made a success of my business ventures. It is sometimes exhausting beyond description and I just get to the point where I have had an enough and need a break. I find interstate trips are ok and getting to the beach for the day is great, but sometimes it is just not far enough away, my customers know me very well, a number are good friends and they know where I am going and can resist just giving me a call, sometimes for the most frivolous reasons. I have found the way to solve this problem is to take an overseas trip. For some strange reason people treat you differently when you are in another country.

I do get the break I need and it is my recipe for health and well being in this crazy world. I do not like to take risks either, as I have seen what has happened to some of my friends when they have traveled overseas. You can easily get into predicaments which are totally unpredictable and if you do not have your arrangements in place you can be left stranded. I purchase online from MyCover travel insurance for my travel insurance policy and then have the reassurance that I will be covered if things go wrong. It is my way of making sure I am ready for the possible catastrophes, which could ruin my holiday plans.

I have seen friends take off overseas and all they worry about is getting to the airport on time, after that it is one day at a time. I think this attitude is irresponsible as there is so much information available now about the risks and what travel insurance can cover, plus where you would be without it. I leave home with the peace of mind that the MyCover travel insurance policy gives me.

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